Ram usage mac vs pc

Both Windows and Mac PCs use the same RAM stick (SODIMM, etc.) .microsoft .com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa%28v=vs%aspx of memory used per process, allowing Windows 10 to maintain more.
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I fortunately lucked out and got a pretty good chunk of amazon giftcards recently through work which will help me with absorbing the cost of a macbook pro Is OSx more memory optimized? I would actually qualify myself as an extreme power user. If I go with 16gb on OSx, would I be safe? Freaking insane.

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How does OSx handle low memory situations? Chrome sucks the big one on Mac OS. It's absolutely insane what a huge CPU hog the software is. Makes the fans on my MB Air run like crazy, and the hardware gets really hot. I made the switch from Chrome to Safari today because my MacBook Pro has progressively been getting hotter and hotter. Once I started looking into it I realized it was Chrome.

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So far so good. Running the exact same apps as I do every day with Safari as my browser and my MacBook is room temperature. I so agree with above - get rid of Chrome from your macbook - getting access to websites using chrome is a nightmare - it just doesn't do it - it just sits there and nothing happens - you have to go to "home" and then put in your request - my personal experience - Safari for me!!!!!

Considering power consumption, Chrome does NOT show in the list of apps with high power consumption any more Google changed that about a year ago. And yes, it does use a lot of CPU power. But Safari does not know about my synchronised and encoded passwords from Windows, so Chrome does make life easier for me. Chrome blows on macOS. Oink oink. Safari on Mac is a piece of garbage. Saying that as a mac user.

Ram usage mac vs pc

It is glitchy and lacks extensions It's not useful for work. Basically it's a newbie crap. Ha, this newbie disagrees. For myself Chrome is incredibly clunky I can literally hear my MacBook struggling to keep up with simple browsing. I'm curious what extensions you find indispensable that don't have a safari equivalent.

For html inspection I've found Safari to be fine, just a little adjustment from Chrome. The've never been enough to push me back to Chrome full time. I could take the time to draft a lengthy response to this. But I'm too busy running a successful business that relies heavily on my constant use of Safari, as it has for the past eight years. I wouldn't go near Chrome without a portable fire extinguisher on my desk. Wooow you have a business. Should I be like "oh that guy is so badass" or something?

You're so badass. I run 2 companies.

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For real. Will I get more applause now? I'm a web developer and I must say that I appreciate Safari so much more than Chrome. Chrome may have a few more advanced web developer tools, but the entire experience is much cleaner in Safari.

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Chrome isn't as security-conscious as Safari, which can be frustrating when viewing a few websites but that's the fault of the web developer. Also, I actually like that Flash isn't just built-in, and that PDFs aren't viewed in some Chrome rendering plugin they look just like they would in Preview. Chrome, like most Google products has a super clunky UI and is just horrendous to look at it. It baffles me when I see other developers using it full-time. Well I have as school laptop and they say to use safari because it is easier to download assignments that we need to fill out and complete.

However, I like the layout of chrome, and I find it to be much faster and easier to navigate than safari.

Windows vs OS X: which is faster?

Just to confirm that I switched from Chrome to Safari Macbook Pro Retina 15 inch and got a material increase in battery life an extra hour I think and the Macbook runs much cooler on battery. I use gfxCardstatus to force use of the integrated Graphics when on battery and I found that Chrome always uses the discrete GPU and ignores the gfxCardstatus setting. It seems to use Turbo boost on the CPU more as well.

When I switched to Safari it sticks to the integrated chip and the CPU temperature seldom goes above 45 deg C and the fans are much quieter.

I still prefer Chrome as a browser and its quicker but Safari is fine and worth the extra battery life. I use multiple OS variants and it is no longer the case that one browser will bring cross platform harmony. For years I have used Firefox, but on my Macs it has gotten memory intensive to the point of crashing. Google, who seems to be in a 'I wont port to you war' with everyone, doesnt support keychain access on a Mac.

Differences in the RAM of a MacBook and a PC | laithiaportlu.tk

That rules them out on that platform. Safari is good only on a Mac. So it looks like the Mac will be a one off and there is no real choice but to use Safari. Apple better beware because it is looking more like Microsoft every day! As of , I'm using Opera. It uses all the goods of Chrome, but without significantly slowing down my Mac. I don't know what is behind, but you can use most of Chrome extensions if you install an Opera app that enables Chrome extensions. One downside is that it cannot run Chrome apps.

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Apps and extensions are different beasts I use all four browsers Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera , depending on its stability and so on. But Opera is my main browser for now. Chrome still integrates in the other UNIX based OS - Linux - far better than ANY Apple products - at least Google supports all operating systems whereas Apple's products are more of the 'you will have to buy into my ecosystem or else'. As a web developer, I also appreciate browsers that are supported cross platforms to be able to support all users of our web applications.

Both IE and safari are limited here, the only options are Firefox and Chrome. Everything I read on this blames Chrome and the solution is to dump chrome which for safari of which is not privacy friendly, not that chrome is. I know the problem has been introduced with the OS and Apple needs to fix what even it broke and I am very annoyed currently and have absolutely no desire to move everything from chrome to safari because Apple f'd up and because I do not like safari. For me there is no way around Chroma anyways because of syncing and because I'm using Google for basically everything.

Like, I can't think of any situation where I'm on the computer doing anything different than Gaming on my Windows machine, where I'm not using one or more Google products. And I'm doing web development and it's just sad to see Safari being called better here when developers hate it for lack of support of newer features. Haven't used Safari for anything but downloading Chrome though, so I can't tell whether it really performs differently.